About Barcelona Rent

Created in 2003 in Barcelona, Barcelona Rent is small family company with total dedication to find the best properties to rent to our guests. We do it all personally and that allows us to know the customer giving a better service.

Barcelona Rent is the rental branch of Lonbar Properies S.L., dedicated to the state business.
Again we are a small real state agency selling properties and providing all the services that a property purchaser can need. We can provide you of builders, decorating services, relocation... We can proudly say that we are property know ledgers and that is a making the whole process easier to our clients.

Barcelona Rent wants to satisfy the necessities of the more cosmopolitan customer. Barcelona can offer you a large number of Hotels but none of them can offer you what an apartment can. The independence and intimacy of the apartment gives you the opportunity of enjoying the space and the place at very interesting prices.

We offer you the access to a large list of high standard apartments in central Barcelona.
All selected to cover the different budgets of our customers. Either you come for business or on holidays you will find the best apartment.

¡See you in Barcelona!

Fernando Martinez-Aguado