How to book / Payment

You are required to advance 20% of total amount to guarantee the reservation.
This amount must be paid through a credit card, via Paypal or by bank transfer.
The balance must be paid, cash, the entrance day. In case you want to pay the balance by credit card, BarcelonaRent will charge you with a 3% for the bank commission.

The Reservation won't be confirmed in any case until you receive the confirmation from BarcelonaRent via email with all the arrival instructions:
- Full apartment address
- Contact details of the person who will help you with the check in.

In some special events, BarcelonaRent can require you to pay in advance the complete amount of the reservation (GSM, New Year's Eve...)


The arrival day you will be required to pay a guarantee deposit.
It is a refundable deposit that BarcelonaRent will refund you last day if everything is in same conditions of the arrival day.

The deposit can be an amount in between 200 to 500 euros.
The amount depends on the apartment. You can either give the deposit cash or leave the credit card details.


In case you have to cancel the reservation, BarcelonaRent will keep the deposit of 20% as cancellation fee.

In case you hah paid the total amount of the reservation, BarcelonaRent will apply following percents:
- 60 days or more in advance: 20% of total amount
- 30 to 59 days before: 50% of total amount
- Less than 30 days in advance: 100% of total amount